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Our Developments

The UK Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector continues to provide resilient income returns. Occupancy levels remain high and rent collection rates are still robust, in contrast to many other real estate sectors.

Investor appetite remains strong and the future outlook is positive for the sector despite the impact of COVID-19.


World Class Asset Management

A key partnership with Greystar

We will provide a one-stop shop for rental homes. We will design, build, invest, develop, own and operate our residences. Planning and creating sustainable buildings to our own specific design gives us control over the delivery and quality of new homes, whilst ensuring our properties are efficient to run and desirable to renters.
Greystar Investment Management, our chosen asset management partner, is focussed on generating attractive risk adjusted returns on behalf of their development partners. They currently manage global assets worth $37.2 billion. Greystar not only deliver end-to-end property management services but, as a partner, they will inform the design and value engineering process. This will ensure that product delivery meets the expectations of the target market, thus ensuring maximisation of investment returns.
Greystar has offices in more than 300 markets globally with more than 728,000 multifamily units and student beds under management. Greystar currently ranks first among the top 50 US apartment managers according to the 2021 Natural Multifamily Housing Council.

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