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Corporate Governance

Hadrian Real Estate PLC has adopted to work in accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code published by the Financial Reporting Council.  Our governance structure is centred on a Board of Directors with a wealth of experience and a balance of independent Non-Executive and Executive Directors.

The following Corporate Governance documentation form part of our governance framework which is in place and has been fully adopted across the company. 

1. Articles of Association
2. Governance Framework
3. Board Terms of Reference
4. Executive Terms of Reference
5. Code of Conduct
6. Matters Reserved for the Board
7. Separation of Duties
8. Finance and Audit Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
9. Investment Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
10. Remuneration Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
11.Nomination and Governance Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
12. Delegated Authority to the Executive Board
13. Conflict of Interest Policy
Investment Chart
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